20 – Commercial Hotel

commercial hotel
Map: D1

On the corner of Vicar Lane and South Street, currently where Wilkos is now.

The following is from an advertisement from the early 1900s:

“With its modernised appearance and its complete internal reconstruction and arrangement, old-time travellers on this route will be pleasurably surprised at the transformation effected in this favourite establishment, which, during the past two years, thanks to the enterprise of the owners, the Tadcaster Brewery Company, has been brought up-to-date to meet every requirement of a first-class commercial hotel.

Commercial Hotel Chesterfield
Map: D1

The handsome premises, as will be seen in the accompanying view, have a fine elevation of three storeys, with extensive frontages at the corner of South Street and Vicar Lane, the ground floor containing well-fitted public and private bars, large commercial room, and the usual domestic offices, above which are two dining-rooms, one of spacious proportions and the other of lesser size, with elegantly-furnished drawing-room and private sitting-rooms also on this level.

The upper floor is appropriated to the bedrooms, twelve in number, comfortably furnished apartments, provided with bath-rooms, lavatories, etc., designed on the most approved sanitary principles. The fitting and furnishing throughout has been carried out without regard to expenditure, no detail being omitted that can possibly add to the comfort and convenience of visitors in every department of this thoroughly organised establishment.

That indispensable sine qua non of a good class hotel – an excellent cuisine – is a conspicuous feature of the arrangements, a varied and tasteful menu presented daily to the guests testifying to the care exercised in this department, while a well-trained staff of servants give effective aid to the popular host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. The latter, it should be added, have only recently succeeded to the proprietary, but, during the brief period they have been in command, have greatly enhanced the popularity so long enjoyed by the house, and have won golden opinions by their able and efficient management.”

An Illustrated Guide to Chesterfield and It’s surroundings.